Welcome to Wattle Lane, where you can find all things related to my Wattle Lane novels. Try out the crafts and recipes from the books, read about the inspiration behind the stories, and learn about upcoming books.

In the first book, Scrappy Cupcake Angels, newcomer, Angeline, opens a scrapbooking shop in the small New Zealand town of Kerrigan. Wattle Lane Keepsakes soon becomes a meeting place for a small group of women, who get together every Thursday to craft and to chat. Each is drawn to scrapbooking for different reasons, and together they help each other overcome life’s obstacles and learn the true value of friendship.

The second book, The House in Wattle Lane, explores the themes of genealogy, heritage scrapbooking, and the importance of family. When Neave Hamlin returns to Kerrigan to reconnect with her estranged father and half-siblings, she attends a heritage scrapbooking class and is inspired to learn about the lives of her ancestors. While searching for the truth behind a dark family secret, she finds that sometimes unearthing the past can shine a light on the future.
This book includes recipes!

In the third book, Christmas in Wattle Lane, the residents of the lane are drawn together in joy, heartache, love, and the magic of Christmas.

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